Cyber Resilience Group (CRG) is a veteran owned, boutique cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in assessing, creating, implementing and monitoring best optimal practices to achieve process excellence for both our commercial and government clients.

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach to IT and Cybersecurity. CRG’s cybersecurity evangelists not only specialize in understanding the full scope of the risk management framework they also possess the business savvy to integrate people, processes, and technology while maintaining focus on the big picture of regulatory compliance and return on investment.

Our team will specifically tailor a strategic plan for your individual needs. We focus on building process excellence through a variety of security frameworks that are aligned to complement each other and your existing process. We specialize in integration while staying united with the mission and vision of your organization. In the ever-changing realm of IT, CRG insures that you have more than just a good strategic plan for survival; we offer our clients an excellent offensive security posture to minimize overall exposure to risk and cyber-attacks.